AP Agriculture Fund


Investments in Australian agriculture industry provides the valuable business opportunities to make risk adjusted returns realised over the medium and long term versus other asset classes as the increasing food demand in the world’s most populated areas in the word place huge pressure on global food system. AP Agriculture Fund is seeking to achieve a greater return and bring the greatest benefit for investors through acquisition of high-quality farm assets in Australia. We focus on selection, purchase, operation and optimizing the scarce and unique farm investment projects while at the same time emphasize liquidity, expert management, effective risk diversification, reduction in transaction costs and compliance with regulations and rules which all contribute to our fund’s superior investment advantage.

Potential Opportunities

✤ Australia is very abundant in its agricultural resources with a large number of organic farm lands; its unique natural environment brings superior advantages for the development of farm produce;

✤ Australia is one of the word major agricultural products exporters and prides itself on excellent agriculture team with wealthy experience;

✤ With the emerging environment pollution issue and the growing middle-class population, people are more concern about their health which leads to increasing demand of safe and green health food;

✤ The development of Australian Agricultural business is sunrise industry to many investors which pose great potentials in the future.

 Investment Advantages

✤ Rich in natural resources with development potentials of various healthy products ensures steady and considerable return to investors;

✤ Australia boasts one of the most secure and reliable investment environments with stable politics and strong economic base which indicate lower investment risk;

✤ Australia’s excellent location and environment enables the output of diverse agricultural products which enhances competitiveness;

✤ Experienced professional teams, fully transparent fund management together with internal strict supervision procedure ensure continuous and sustainable business growth.

Our well-experienced team members in terms of agriculture investment projects and they focus on research, acquisition, operation, planning and developing properties and lands located in blue chip areas with great capital growth potentials. We are one of the second to none asset management specialists in Australia.

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